A Message from the Managing Director


Sharrocks will have been offering insurance for 49 years at the end of this year and I will have been in charge of the company for almost 10 of those.

In recent months we have gone through more changes than many in our history, with new additions to the team and exciting new opportunities for our customers, almost too many to mention right here in this column in fact. This is why we will be having regular monthly emails so you can keep updated and informed on what is happening with us and how you can be better protected and insured.

Take a moment to visit our website, check out our new online quote system for let and unoccupied properties, or keep updated with the latest news articles that may affect you and your insurance policies.

We are really excited about the future at Sharrocks but if you have any suggestions on how we can improve email me at alan@sharrock-insurance.com

Alan Doucy
Sharrocks Insurance Managing Director

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