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Where is my public liability certificate?

Few insurance companies issue a certificate for Public Liability cover. Unlike Employers’ Liability or Motor Insurance, Public Liability insurance is not legally required and therefore rarely certified. Within the pack of documents issued to you there will have been a Schedule of Insurance, this will show the limits of cover you have specified and agreed with the insurer, when the policy starts and ends, and the name of the insurer providing the insurance cover.

At Sharrocks we can offer a Confirmation of Cover document which we create for your requirements based upon your insurance cover.

This service has an additional £15.00 charge.

See more information regarding this in our article:


Why is the premium more on our letter than on the schedule?

The schedule is what the insurer is charging you. To find the right insurer for your needs we charge a broker fee. The schedule is minus the broker fee. You will find the full policy pricing on the covering letter which includes the insurance premium tax and our broker fee.


How do I work out a rebuild sum insured?

The rebuilding sum insured stated on the policy is the cost of rebuilding the property in its entirety, professional fees incurred for reinstating the property and its clearance costs.

Moreover the area covered under this section extends from the main structure and can include, domestic outbuilding and garages, swimming pools and hard tennis courts, terraces, patios, driveways, footpaths, walls, fences, gates and hedges, car parks, cess pits, septic tanks, squash courts, gymnasia used by residents for domestic and leisure purposes, street furniture and lamp posts, solar panels and wind turbines attached to the property.

Having an incorrect sum insured would mean the principle of “average” may apply in the event of a claim. For example, if the property is insured for £100,000 and the actual rebuilding sum insured is £200,000 every claim against the property itself could be reduced by 50% in proportion to the overall level of under insurance.

To avoid under insurance it is recommended policyholders seek a rebuilding survey from an accredited building surveyor, or if a residential property by visiting the following Association of British Insurers approved website and using the online calculator


When are renewal terms issued?

For motor, travel or home insurance we aim to get your renewal terms issued within 21 days of renewal and for all commercial insurances we aim for at least 15 days before your renewal date.


What is insurance premium tax?

The UK government introduced the Insurance Premium Tax to raise revenue from the insurance sector, which was viewed as being under-taxed, and not subject to Value Added Tax. The current normal rate is 12% however the higher rate is 20% and applies to travel insurance policies, gadget and some electronic policies, as well as non standard motor policies.


Why has my motor insurance gone up from last year when I have not claimed?

There are many reasons why this could be.

Also insurers are seeking more profit just like any other business and certain types of insurance have not been particularly profitable, specifically motor based insurance products meaning premiums have to go up somewhere.

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