Are Men More Likely To Lie About Writing Off A Car?

A report by Churchill Insurance shows that men are twice as likely as women to provide an untruthful account of a car accident where a car is deemed a write off. In the UK writing off a car is more common, with one in four people experiencing this in their driving life span. The report went further to highlight that one in ten people see writing off a car as a rite of passage.

So, what does this report find?

  • 24% of drivers in the UK aged between 18 and 34 write off a car during their driving careers. This would mean that out of the UK’s 45 million drivers under 11 million have or will write off a car in their lifetime.
  • 48% of male drivers lie about what happened in a crash compared to 20% of women drivers. Many claimed that the accident was the fault of the other driver. The research also found that many drivers who had children in the back seat had asked their kids to lie about how the crash happened.
  • Of those who had their cars written off half of them were on their street of residence. 46% of write off crashes happen on motorways, 28% on other roads, 13% on country lanes, 8% on roundabouts and 5% in car parks.
  • 50% of claims where the car is written off are because of collisions with other cars and 16% because of weather or a mechanical fault.

Whatever the circumstances of your motor insurance claim it is important that your details are reported accurately to your insurers straight away.

For more information about why this is important look out our guide to motor claims Sharrocks’ Motor Claim Guide

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