Can you drive another car on your policy?

Be aware the driving other cars extension on your motor policy as it is commonly misunderstood.

Driving without the correct insurance can lead to criminal prosecution and fines so here are some things to be aware of before you use the driving of other cars extension on your motor policy.

  • Often this cover is only in place on comprehensive policies if at all
  • It is not commonly included on commercial vehicle policies
  • It would not be able to be used if the main vehicle has been “written off” or sold
  • It may not cover the vehicle itself if involved in an accident, only covering the liability to other road users when this extension is being used
  • The extension may be age dependent and restrict younger drivers
  • It would only be active if the vehicle was being driven with the owner’s consent
  • It will not cover the use of other uninsured vehicles. So this would prevent someone owning 3 vehicles but only insuring one on a comprehensive basis and using the driving other cars extension to be insured to drive the other 2.
  • It could not be used to secure the release of a motor vehicle which has been seized by the authorities

Do not take the above as a set of concrete rules as each insurer is different and some policies may deliver wider cover whereas others may offer none at all.

Our advice would be to try and avoid using this extension and seek an amendment to the insurance to gain fuller more comprehensive cover.

Perhaps it was a misunderstanding of the driving other cars extension that brought about the seizure of this vehicle by the Cambridgeshire police in August 2015.

Uninsured Lamborghini seized near police station in Cambridge


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