Cooking Related Home Insurance Claims On The Rise During Bake Off

A leading home insurer have released a report on the amount of claims for cooking related fires whilst Great British Bake-off is on our screens. It demonstrates that when the Channel 4 show is screened there is a 114% increase in claims related to fires in UK homes, with a further 40% rise in accidental claims in the kitchen.

Zurich have reported that an average claim for fire in the kitchen is £11,000 and almost £1,700 for kitchen accidents for budding bakers who are trying to recreate recipes from the show.

Phil Ost from Zurich has stated that Bake-Off has created ‘a nation of bakers and this should not be discouraged.’ However he does state that ‘the kitchen can sometimes be a recipe for disaster and, for aspiring pastry chefs, it’s vital to ensure you have the right (home insurance) cover and to protect your kitchen against potential damage. At the end of the day, a soggy bottom is better than a burnt one and a lighter wallet!’


So make sure you are staying safe in the kitchen with our helpful top tips!

Top Tips to staying safe and protecting your kitchen;

  • Make sure children are always supervised 
  • Never leave your cooking unattended and ensure someone always is keeping an eye on the bake.
  • Make sure your hob and cooker is always fully off when not in use 
  • Keep tea towels and clothes away from the oven, hob and naked flames
  • Clean off fat and grease from your hob
  • Make sure your oven is clean, anything left in the bottom of the oven can combust
  • Always leave enough time for your bake don’t rush! This can cause accidents

If you catch a pan on fire:

  • Do not try and put out the blaze
  • Turn off the heat safely
  • Never throw water over the fire this can make the situation worse
  • If you have a fire safety blanket use this to control the blaze
  • Get everyone out the room and close the door behind you and call 999

Make sure your house and contents insurance are up to date and enjoy watching another series of the Great British Bake Off. 

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