Don’t Delay Report Your Motor Claim Right Away!

Did you know late reporting of motor incidents can affect how much your insurers can help?
Delayed claims reporting can mean claims costs escalating, incidents becoming more contentious as important evidence has degraded and ultimately premiums increasing.

It is vital if you are involved in an accident or have reason to make a claim on your motor insurance policy that you do so as quickly as possibly. If there is an opportunity you may be held responsible a quick call to your motor insurers could help reduce the costs of any payments to third parties, keeping any sums to the minimum such as bills for courtesy cars and repairs. Also if you feel you are not at fault the earlier the claim is reported the evidence will be fresher and can be gathered more easily giving your insurer every chance to claim losses back off another party.

At Sharrocks we are committed to quick reporting and every single motor insurance client receives our motor claim pack.

Motor claim form

Motor Glove Box Form and Accident Report Card


The documentation includes a form to sit in your glove box so you take the vital details at the scene, at a time when you may be flustered and easily miss facts you will need later. Most importantly every client receives a Motor Accident Card that goes into your wallet or purse and holds the name of your insurer, the insurance policy number, and claims reporting telephone number, meaning a motor claim can be reported right at the scene of the accident, without having to locate your policy wording.

In addition to our motor claims packs our website has an online Incident Report Form to take accident information and when complete will email Sharrocks so we can report the claim straight away on you behalf – Motor Incident Report

We try and make sure our clients have every chance of a quick an easy claims process but whoever you are insured with and you need to make a claim do it straight away.

Hopefully you will never have to make a claim but we have used our 45 year’s plus experience in handling motor insurance to give our Top 5 Motor Claim Tips.

Sharrocks’ Top Motor Claim Tips

  1. Take photos at the scene of the vehicles and any damage
  2. Be wary of claims management companies. Speak to your insurer first before appointing another company. Too many cooks…
  3. Do NOT admit liability at the scene
  4. Take full details of any witnesses, this can mean the difference between a claim being found in your favour or not
  5. Choose a car insurer and provider you can trust. Picking a policy on premium only can mean problems when you need to make a claim.
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