Don’t have a fright and check your home insurance cover this Halloween

The only thing to fear is fear itself….. And spiders.
Halloween is fast approaching and trick or treaters are at the ready, we need to make sure we aren’t left with any nasty surprises after the fun is over.

Nothing would ruin the joy of Halloween more than a child falling down your steps, a trick or treater vandalising your property or heaven forbid a candle setting the whole house on fire.

With this in mind, you need to ensure you have the correct insurance in place for the spooky days ahead. 

Damage to your home will be covered by your standard building insurance, this can include eggs being thrown at your property causing damage.

If someone falls on your property and injures themselves, this will be covered by your Property Owners Liability, which would be part of your standard home insurance cover. If that someone files a claim against you, your insurers will look to defend up to your liability limit shown in the schedule. 


This time of year we like candles in the house, if a candles falls over and causes a fire your household insurance policy will cover this. If it’s so severe that it makes your home unlivable, your policy will pay for alternative accommodation costs whilst your home is repaired.

To make your property safe for Halloween, we have put together a few tips and tricks of our own…

● Make sure the outside of the property is free from any rubbish or possible trips for children.
● Turn on your outdoor lighting so children can see where they’re going.
● Use battery operated candles or none at all to reduce the fire risk. 
● Pets, candles, and trick-or-treaters don’t mix. Keep pets away from the front door on Halloween.
● Check who’s at your door before you open it.
● Keep your house well lit

We hope everyone has a great and ghoulish Halloween from all of us at Sharrocks. 

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