Don’t make a Brexit blunder with your insurance cover

The uncertainty over Brexit is giving the whole country a headache, whether you favour remain or leave.

But if you’re planning for the worst and hoping for the best, make sure your insurance cover is right for you.

Stories of businesses stockpiling wines, food, medicine and even car parts have been hitting the headlines for  months now.

And with the question mark over Britain’s future becoming even more pronounced this past week, it’s a good time to check your documents.


Sharrocks’ managing director Alan Doucy said: “Given the uncertainty in today’s business climate it is absolutely understandable you would want to protect your business and have enough products to continue to trade as you usually would.

“But be mindful that if you have stockpiled high-cost goods or large amounts over and above what you would usually have in storage, you need to check and possibly amend your insurance cover to avoid being left even more out of pocket.”

Sharrocks are experts in property insurance and can help you protect your home or business today. Contact the team on 01795 580800, email, or visit for a quote.

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