Getting Married In 2018? Make sure you have a wedding insurance policy.

Weddings are becoming more and more expensive as each year passes.  According to the average wedding costs a staggering £27,161 up 9.6% from last year. Although are couples protecting this investment and taking out the correct wedding insurance cover for their big day? 

A standard wedding insurance policy will offer cover for the wedding dress and ring, the liability for running the event, and of course the risk of the event being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 


In the last few weeks our newspapers have been filled with articles about St Paul’s Chapel on the Greek Island of Rhodes, which is trying to ban all foreign couples from getting married by them on the island. This came after couple Carly and Matthew Lunn posed for a photo outside the Chapel pretending to perform a sexual act. The photo was uploaded to social media and shared thousands of times, this was picked up by the religious authorities responsible for the chapel who were ‘outraged’ by the photo. This reaction led to Bishop Kyrillos of Rhodes banning foreigners getting married on the island. However, this has left the fate of the thousands of couples hoping to be married on the island hanging in the balance, not knowing if they will be able to get married. Many have already cancelled and rearranged their big day.

The Rhodes Community leader Giorgos Eleftheriou has stated “We are Greek and we cherish our traditions and the sanctity of our religious sites,” “I have hundreds of soon-to-be brides from Britain and all over the world calling me today in tears because of this decision. It’s a huge damper on our society here. We are one of the most famous wedding destinations in the world and we are booked solid through to 2021.”

The decision has yet to be finalised by the major of Rhodes however many are calling for the couple to publicly apologise, while others are threatening legal action against them. This is all an expensive business if you have not insured your big day.

At Sharrock’s we suggest if you are getting ready to tie the knot that you take out comprehensive wedding insurance to protect you on or before the ceremony.

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