Home Insurance from just £50.00

Home Insurance from £50After 45 years of offering home and property insurance we have a fantastic new home insurance product with an ethical UK Insurer.

Working on the Isle of Sheppey we know many insurers are reluctant to provide affordable home insurance as it was a location that flooded in the 1950s and 1970s. Despite this being historic inundation and significant work being undertaken to prevent this from happening again property premiums can be significantly higher here. We know this is not something isolated to Sheppey and there are areas around the country that have the same issues.

With our new policy we are not restricted by issues that happened long ago and can provide insurance with an insurer linked to a major international charity that delivers all its profits to good causes.

Benefits of our policies include:-

Low premiums for both buildings and contents cover

Backed by an ethical insurer

Excellent claims service

Cover unavailable via direct insurers or online comparison websites

Non-standard risks acceptable including, thatched and long term unoccupied properties

Cover tailored to your requirements

Low policy excesses

Buildings and contents covers available together or individually

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