Home Insurance Premium Rise – AA Price Index

The recent release of the AA Price Index for Home Insurance shows that premiums have risen for the third consecutive quarter, but despite this still prove to be excellent value for money.

Currently the average combined “shop around” insurance premium for both buildings and contents in the UK is £158.48. When coupled with information that the average escape of water claim following a burst pipe in the UK (according to AXA Insurance) is £25,000 or that the typical claim settlement is £2,520 there is a compelling reason to insure your property and possessions for risk of significantly larger losses.

It is not just about price of course with over 1 in 5 home insurance claims rejected as opposed to 99% of motor claims being successful (Association of British Insurers Report January 2016). There are a variety of reasons for these rejections including claims falling within the policy excess or being refused because of not meeting the policy terms where clients have misunderstood the cover.

Both the indication of lower premiums if you shop around and the need to have the right insurance cover to avoid claims rejections provide all the more reason to use an insurance broker like us. We shop around between insurers each year as well as having an exclusive buildings and contents insurance facility meaning we can offer premiums below the national average and with insurance cover you can rely on if a claim occurs.

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