Is Your Loved One’s Headstone Insured?

It is a problem many of us will experience in life, planning a funeral of a close family member or friend and if you have chosen a burial the decision on the correct headstone to mark someone’s grave is particularly difficult. What words can you choose to represent someone, what is the correct stone to use, and even an appropriate typeface?

Great expense can be made in ensuring the gravestone is a fitting marker to that person but have you considered whether it is insured? Hundreds if not thousands may have been spent and it could be susceptible to damage caused by lawnmowers, falling trees of even subsidence. 

When purchasing the headstone you may be offered a specific insurance policy for a set period of time such as £125.00 for 4 year’s cover, but did you know you can insure it on your own household insurance policy for a fraction of the cost? Adding a memorial as a specified item to your home insurance policy is simple and a cost effective way of ensuring the correct cover is there year on year and avoids the need for arranging an individual insurance policy whose documentation can be easily lost or forgotten about over the policy period. 

We are property insurance specialists and if your own home insurer is unable to assist contact us and we can either offer an alternative household insurance solution or a specific policy for your loved one’s memorial at a competitive premium. 


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