More Than 25% Of Students Have No Insurance Cover

Are you going to university or college this year? Are the contents of your student room insured?

A recent study by Aviva suggests a staggering 615,000 students have no insurance for their belongings. The typical value of a student room is £2,200 including their; Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Televisions, Books, Sports equipment, Clothes and other Miscellaneous Items. This adds up to £1.3 billion worth of possessions that are uninsured.

In Aviva’s survey of 2000 parents 27% said that their children had no cover for their personal belongings whilst a further 24% had no idea if their child had cover. Louise Colley, Customer Director for Aviva stated “It’s quite easy to underestimate the value of student belongings. laptops, tablets and phones are now ‘must haves’ for the vast majority of people at university, so very quickly there can be thousands of pounds of possessions in one room. If they’re not insured, it can be a real headache – both emotionally and financially – if the worst happens.”


Some standard household contents insurance policy cover items that are temporarily removed from the home, as long as the student returns home during non-term time. However, it may be wiser to seek specific Contents Insurance cover to protect your items specifically without the need to return home. 

At Sharrocks we have set options for Students:- 

£10,000 of contents cover + £1,000 of gadget cover – £90.00 – from £10.08 a month over 10 months 

£5,000 of contents + £1,000 of gadget cover – £75.00 – from £8.40 a month over 10 months 

All options above include Accidental Damage Cover, insurance premium tax and our £10.00 broker fee. 

Other limits and sums insured are available

For a quotation contact us on 01795 580800 or email 

So make sure your possessions are covered at university!

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