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As specialists  in equipment hire insurance we have seen a surge in photo booth hire businesses up and down the country seeking appropriate insurance cover.

Like our specialised policies that are already offered to equipment hire businesses, we provide cover for the liability posed by the photo booth, both whilst being set up and during the hire, whether it is supervised by a representative of the business or not.

If you employ people to assist you with the movement of the booth to and from venues you may be required by law to maintain Employers Liability cover. For example, even if you are a small limited company with a husband and wife directorship you must have Employers Liability insurance in force.

Good quality photo booths can be many thousands of pounds and ensuring that they are protected for loss or damage may mean the difference between your business continuing or stopping. It is unlikely that your photo booths and equipment will be insured under your household contents policy. Leaving your equipment to be insured by the person hiring it can be risky and will only protect the items whilst they are on hire and not when storage or in transit. We can make sure that your property is covered when in storage, in transit and on hire anywhere in the UK.

We believe our photo booth hire business policies are the most competitively priced available and have been specifically designed for the equipment hire sector. In the last 12 months we have insured photo booths of all sizes and descriptions, including converted prestige vehicles, vintage caravan photo booths and modern selfie booths.

For a quotation complete our online questionnaire or contact us directly via email, telephone or by visiting our office and we will give you the right insurance advice to protect your business and save you money.

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