Prepare For Your Skiing Holiday With These Tips From Aviva Insurance

As many of us enjoy the sun and beach destination, some people love to jet off on ski and snowboarding adventures in colder climates. Having the right travel insurance cover is vital but there are things that can be done to avoid a skiing holiday disaster. 

Even the most competent skiers and snowboarders can be involved in collisions or accidents, so Aviva Insurance have compiled some advice to help keep people safe on their winter breaks:

  • When selecting winter sports travel insurance, make sure it meets your needs before you buy it. Keep your travel insurance medical emergency helpline number and your policy number to hand. 
  • If you’ve not skied before or you haven’t been on the piste for a while, make sure you have a lesson or two.
  • Carry a fully charged mobile phone with you.
  • Don’t drink and ski – one drink with lunch is okay, but too much alcohol will slow down your reactions and impair your observation and balance.
  • Remember to take an EHIC card. It still offers state-provided emergency medical treatment in EEA countries.
  • Make sure you are prepared with these tips above and have packed the relevant safety equipment needed.
  • Each resort is different, so ensure you are fully aware of each location’s rules and guidelines before hitting the slopes.


It is not only important to be aware of your own safety but others around you too. Make sure you understand specific first aid skills in cold climates and be conscious about what to look for:

  • Bumps, Spills and Broken Bones – Never move the injured person. Protect the neck until it is clear that there is no spinal injury. Remove your ski buddy’s or your own skis, but keep your boots on. Injured areas can swell instantly and you will not be able to get the boot on again. The boot will also stabilize the injured area.
  • Frostbite – Within the first hour you might notice whitish or grey discoloration of the skin. Later, blisters may develop. Try to warm them up with cups of tea and blankets until help arrives.
  • Never give alcohol or pour hot water on them.
  • Hypothermia – Prolonged exposure to the cold can quickly develop into a life-threatening drop in your body’s temperature.The first step in treating severe cold exposure is preventing further heat loss. Removing wet gear and shielding them from wind are the best strategies to keep them warm.

Here at Sharrocks we can offer a comprehensive travel policy which will look to protect you from unexpected medical bills after an illness or injury whilst on holiday. If you need to cancel your planned trip abroad at the last minute, lose your baggage or are involved in an accident,  or need legal assistance on your break, having the correct travel insurance cover is essential.

Purchasing travel insurance on price can lead to gaps in cover that you may otherwise expect to find on a more comprehensive policy leaving you exposed when you need the policy the most.

We can provide travel insurance for all travellers, including, those with medical conditions, older travellers, longer stay policies, gap year travellers, and business policies for the individual or the entire company.

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