Unoccupied Property Insurance – 3, 6, or 12 Months?

According to statistics there are over 610,000 empty homes in the UK, 200,000 of which are deemed to be long term unoccupied residential buildings together with many empty shops, offices and commercial buildings around the country.

Aside from the need to seek occupants these buildings are exposed to risks which need the correct insurance. However many insurers are often unable to provide affordable insurance cover or do not wish to insure them at all, leaving many owners exposed to big losses if the worst does occur.

Empty properties are seen as being more high risk, statistically they are more likely to suffer malicious damage or harm from being broken into. The properties can also have larger claims where fires and water damage from burst pipes are not noticed as quickly as they might be if someone was in the building.

We have worked with an ethical insurer, whose profits are donated to good causes, to design a policy that is suitable for empty buildings offering affordable premiums, options to reduce or increase the policy cover and now the facility to only insure for the time that you need the policy for. So if you are looking to sell the property and are some way close to achieving that you could select a 3 month policy rather than the usual annual term or a 6 month cover option if you need that bit longer but not quite a year.

Since launching our unoccupied property scheme this Summer we have insured hundreds of properties up and down the country and we have now made it even easier with the facility to seek a quotation via our new online quotation forms :- Unoccupied Property Insurance – Online Quotation

As well as our own facility we have access to all major insurers and markets in London, so we are certain we can help you find the right insurance cover whatever your current situation.


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