Where is my Public Liability Certificate?

Perhaps one of the most common questions we receive from business insurance customers is, “I need to show evidence of my Public Liability but I cannot find my Public Liability Certificate.”

Few insurance companies issue a certificate for Public Liability cover. Unlike Employers’ Liability or Motor Insurance, Public Liability insurance is not legally required and therefore rarely certified. Within the pack of documents issued to you there will have been a Schedule of Insurance, this will show exactly what cover you have in place, when the policy starts and ends, and the name of the insurer providing the insurance cover.

However, if you have a various levels of cover stated within your policy schedule, such as buildings, contents, stock and business interruption it may be more difficult for a contractor to go through several pages of insurance documentation to identify that Public Liability insurance is in place. As an insurance broker authorised by the insurers we can issue a Confirmation of Cover and this is often just a one page document issued on our letterhead which states just the elements of cover required to be shown by you as evidence of insurance.

So if you do need to show that you have Public Liability Insurance, your insurer does not issue a certificate, and your policy schedule is too big to act as a quick reference document, ask us for a Confirmation of Cover document. Insurance, Public Liability Certificate, insurance contract




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