Your Covid career change could need insurance cover

It’s definitely not been the best year for jobs news with millions joining the unemployment register.

Many businesses have been forced to close, while big names in the world of retail – like John Lewis and Sainsbury’s – are axing thousands of staff. 

If unemployment or even furlough has fired up your entrepreneurial flair, don’t forget to check the insurance requirements for your business. 

Sharrocks advises that if you are working from home and selling to third parties, you should have Public and Products Liability insurance. 

Alan Doucy, Sharrocks’ managing director, said: “Sharrocks prices for our Homeworkers and Short Term Liability cover start from as little as £35, up to £90 for enhanced cover. 

“At this time of year there’s usually a surge in small businesses, which offer things like sweet cones, Christmas hot chocolates and Christmas Eve boxes. All these businesses should have insurance cover. 

“What would you do if someone said your product made them ill, or they choked, or if they had an allergic reaction? 

“You might think that if you’re selling branded products, say in the shape of a Christmas tree or wreath, that you don’t need insurance, but that’s not true. The risk would fall to you and your small business in the first instance.” 

The same is also true for small businesses selling at craft fairs – or social media craft markets. For example, if someone were to injure yourself on one of your products, that could be a claim. 

For just £90, Sharrocks can offer you our enhanced cover which features £10,000,000 Employers Liability for up to five employees; £5,000,000 Public/Products Liability; and £2,500 of cover for your stock. 

It also includes £1,000 All Risk Equipment Cover, which ensures your equipment is covered while it’s in storage, in transit and out of the home. 

Or for a £35 premium, Sharrocks can offer just £1,000,000 Public and Products Liability.

Fill out Sharrocks homeworkers and short term liability cover calculator here for a quote indication:, email or call 01795 580800. 

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