Your Guide to Unoccupied Property Insurance – New Video

Leaving a property you own unoccupied can result in insurers restricting insurance cover or not paying for claims at all if you have not taken the correct advice or insurance policy out.

It is so important that you check your insurance policy to see what it really means when we talk about an unoccupied property? Does it mean leaving it unoccupied for 30 days, 60 or even 90 days? Is it ok to just visit occasionally and will cover be restricted, do I even need to tell my insurance provider at all?

Firstly it is crucial if you intend to leave your property for more than a few weeks that your insurers are aware or you have checked the policy terms and conditions.

It is really important that you are aware your policy may change if you property becomes unoccupied and that you may need to seek alternative cover, that is why we have prepared a quick video guide about insuring your empty property.

As well as this our current property infographic demonstrates some of the recent statistics and challenges surrounding property insurance.

Do not be wise after the event and poorer because you did not insure your property correctly. Have the correct cover from the right insurance provider and we are here deliver both!

Sharrocks - specialists in property insurance infographic June 2015

Sharrocks – specialists in property insurance infographic June 2015


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