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We are fortunate to work in one of the most unique office locations in the whole of the UK.

The original construction of the windmill begun in 1811 by George and Elizabeth Jackson. However due to the increased costs of building on clay soil they were unable to complete the project. Thomas Webb took over the ownership of the building appointing experienced windmill builder James Humphreys who completed the construction in 1813.George Ride, Wholesale and retail corn dealer, Great Mill, Sheerness-on-Sea
The windmill was owned for over 50 years by the Webb family before being sold to George Ride in 1864. During this phase of the ownership steam power was added in 1889 and then within 12 months the mill ceased to make flour. Ultimately the windmill was closed in 1918 and then dismantled to the brick base in 1924 for safety purposes.

Rides Passage Windmill Construction 1Rides Passage Windmill Construction 2Rides Passage Windmill Construction 3

11850735_10203460825561024_3031919729365627001_oIn 1989 the current windmill owners the Watsons purchased the windmill with the intention of preserving the existing structure before renovating the building. In 2006 planning was finally granted for the windmill to be rebuilt with the intention of having two flats within the building. In January 2008 whilst the windmill was 75% complete an arson attack ripped through the structure causing hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage.

Having forged a relationship with the management of the insurance claim and with the knowledge we would soon need to seek alternative premises when work re-commenced on the project the windmill was re-designated as office premises and built to our own specification.Ride's Mill

The windmill is Grade II listed and we occupy all 5 floors excluding the basement. We welcome customers to visit us and seek insurance advice within the building.

For more information about the history of the windmill please visit the following page Sheppey History Page – Ride’s Mill

We are also grateful for the assistance of Minster Gatehouse Museum for additional material and help Minster Gatehouse Museum




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