Manufacturers/Wholesalers and Distributors

Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors encounter a number of risks every day of trading. Appreciating the varied nature of these risks makes it all the more important that you are informed of the most suitable insurance cover, both in terms of the quality of insurer and premium.

Manufacturers Wholesalers and Distributors Insurance

At Sharrocks our extensive experience handling policies within these sectors allows us to deliver the advice and insurance options your business needs.

Extending our service we aim to deliver connections to risk management consultants and professional health and safety advice.

Each year we work with our clients to re-assess their business and to re-check the insurance market to ensure that those daily risks are comprehensively insured.

Public Liability

If a member of the public is injured or suffers property damage because of you or your company’s negligence this policy will offer protection. Levels of cover can be £1million, £2million, £5million or even £10million, dependent on the nature of the work undertaken or the contractual requirement. It is often wise to seek advice from an insurance broker at this stage to ensure you have the correct level of cover to suit your requirements.

Products Liability

Products are usually defined as anything manufactured, sold, supplied, processed, altered or treated, repaired, serviced or tested, installed, constructed, erected or transported. Should something you supply therefore cause injury or damage to a member of the public due to your business’ negligence Products Liability is there to defend you.

Employers Liability

Under the Employers’ Liability Regulations 1998, employers’ liability is compulsory for any individual or company with employees, labour only sub-contractors or volunteers. You are only exempt if you run your own Limited company, with yourself as the sole employee, and you own 50% or more of the issued share capital.

The policy will deliver protection against claims made against the business due to your negligence as an employer. Cover generally includes legal costs in the event of a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) investigation.

Contents / Stock

The contents of the business premises may be classified by insurers to include electronic equipment, tills, fixtures and fittings.

Stock may be separated into target stock, which may include cigarettes, alcohol, jellewery, furs and electronic equipment, and that which is not deemed to be target stock.

Buildings/ Glass

Cover to protect the structure of the building and the fittings.

Business Interruption

This is an area of the standard policy which is often misunderstood and overlooked for the more obvious areas of cover such as liability, stock and contents cover. However, should your business suffer a significant insurable loss, or indeed with some policies your major suppliers or customers, this cover will provide cover for the loss to your business’ income or gross profit.

The cover provides a sum insured (the total amount payable) and an indemnity period (the length of time the financial loss is attributable to). Often, following a significant loss, such as a flood or fire, a 12 month indemnity period will be insufficient to suitably reinstate the business, therefore it may be wiser to seek this cover to extend over 24 or even 36 months.

Goods in Transit

If your business provides a delivery service cover is available for the items whilst in transit to their location.

It may be that your business ships goods around the UK or even further afield in which case discuss this with us. Separate cargo and freight policies can be arranged if your principal insurer cannot extend cover.

Engineering Inspection

If your business has mechanical plant or equipment such as pressure lifts, boiler or power presses, then you will need to consider engineering and inspection insurance.

Ensuring the machinery is maintained to a safe standard and regularly checked can be expensive, especially if a part needs repairing or replacing. Insurers offer this cover to guard against these costs uphold your requirements.


Standard business insurance policies do not automatically cover damage caused to your premises or loss of income caused by acts of war or terrorist attacks. Those premises that are situated near government buildings, transport links or famous buildings the need maybe clearer. However, with the methodology of terrorists constantly evolving no longer are the risk of attacks focused on well-known locations.

This element of cover may be added to your existing policy or purchased individually, however with the changing world it is an emerging requirement to consider this cover.

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses insurance provides cover for legal costs incurred in defending or pursuing specified types of civil actions, such as employee contract disputes, Inland Revenue tax investigations or bad debt recovery. Cover can also be extended to include property protection, prosecution defence for employers, tenancy disputes, statutory licence protection, data protection act and prosecution.

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