Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceIf you need to cancel your planned trip abroad at the last minute, become ill whilst you are away, lose your baggage or are involved in an accident, having the correct travel insurance cover is essential.

Purchasing travel insurance on price can lead to gaps in cover that you may otherwise expect to find on a more comprehensive policy leaving you exposed when you need the policy the most.

We can provide travel insurance for all travellers, including, those with medical conditions, older travellers, longer stay policies, gap year travellers, and business policies for the individual or the entire company.

Cover usually included in a comprehensive travel policy includes:


Payment will be made for holiday costs you cannot recover, other than the cost of the insurance policy itself if you cancel your holiday due to a variety of reasons including, illness or death of a family member, serious fire, flood or storm damage to your home or business premises.

Medical Expenses

Medical costs in foreign countries can be significant and within the policy limits these can be paid for by the insurance policy. Additional accommodation costs and travel expenses if you need to leave early due to illness of yourself or a close relative can also be included in any payments.

If you travel within the EU you should get form EHIC from a Post office. This will entitle you to reciprocal health service care in the countries you visit. However, few EU countries pay for the full cost of treatment, and you’re likely to be treated in a private clinic or hospital, so it’s important to have your own insurance.

Personal Belongings

Cover for loss of personal belongings and money should be covered depending on the limits stated on the policy. Conditions of the cover will vary and it may be worth comparing this to adding personal possessions cover to your home insurance policy, which may have less requirements, such as having to be with the items at all times.

Delays and Missed Departure

If your journey is delayed or you miss your flight for a valid reason additional costs will be covered by the policy.

Legal Expenses

If you require legal assistance whilst away and decide to sue someone for losses you suffer, this element of cover will react.

Personal Accident Cover

This is intended to make a payment if you suffer a permanent disability such as loss of a limb or eyesight or are killed whilst away.

Public Liability

Public liability is included to cover your costs if you injure someone or damage their property whilst abroad.

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