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Sharrocks can help with your post-lockdown business insurance needs

It’s back to business for many companies with the easing of coronavirus lockdown measures.  August has seen many firms reopen for the first time in months, while others have already been operating but with a reduced service.  Sharrocks’ managing director

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Why Wimbledon has coronavirus cover but your business doesn’t

You might have read this week that the organisers of Wimbledon could net more than £100 million after the tournament was cancelled due to coronavirus.  This is in contrast to the French Open, which stands to lose about £230 million

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Keeping receipts could help your insurance claim stay on track

If the worst happens and you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, well kept financial records could help reduce the stress in an already fraught situation. Proof of purchase where you can show what you bought and

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Don’t make a Brexit blunder with your insurance cover

The uncertainty over Brexit is giving the whole country a headache, whether you favour remain or leave. But if you’re planning for the worst and hoping for the best, make sure your insurance cover is right for you. Stories of

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Major News That Will Impact Personal Injury Claims Payments

In major news that will affect millions of business insurance and motor insurance policyholders the Government has announced a new basis for calculating and reviewing the discount rate, also referred to as The Ogden Rate. This is the calculation used for

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60% Of New Startups Do Not Have Any Business Insurance

A new study by AXA Insurance has revealed that new businesses in the UK are running the risk of being exposed to large financial losses and potential legal fines by not having any business insurance in place.  The UK has

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Minimise the impact of flooding on your business

Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank caused devastation to many UK businesses last year, with many still attempting to recover their businesses even to this day, with the Association of British Insurers reporting that the overall cost of insurance claims reached

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Are Your Tools Insured?

Tools Equipment Insurance

If you are self employed or operate a business how important are your tools and equipment? Have they been collected over years of trading or been purchased brand new as part of your apprenticeship? If they were stolen today would this affect

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Avoiding Business Insurance Could Cost You Your Business

Almost on a daily basis we have businesses approach us for a quotation who have either never had insurance cover or have gone for a period without it. This may surprise many people who read this post who would dare not imagine

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