45th Anniversary Sponsored Walk 15th August 2015

On Saturday 15th August we will be taking part in a sponsored walk raising money for 3 special charities that form part of our Sharrocks Send a Smile Foundation. At the same time we will be celebrating our 45th anniversary so our walk will have special meaning to us and everyone associated with the business.

We have previously had to delay this walk from the intended date of 25th July but we hope with this short delay we will be able to gain even more support.
A group from Sharrocks intend to walk between each of our previous office locations on the morning of 15th August 2015.
We would really appreciate your support so if you would like to learn more about our charitable foundation please follow this link to another page on our website Sharrocks Send a Smile Foundation and if you wish to make a donation please contact 01795 580800 or email enquiries@sharrock-insurance.com
We will be updating everyone on our progress in the days ahead and on the big day itself via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you for your support.

More information about the walk and our history

We will start at Brenchley House in Sittingbourne which operated as a second office in the town of Sittingbourne during the 80s and early 90s.

From here we will walk to Queenborough and the unofficial first office Sharrocks began running from. In the early 1970’s our company’s founder Peter Sharrocks was still working as a traditional door to door insurance agent so did not have an office as such and instead worked from an upstairs bedroom at the family home in Coronation Crescent.

Our next destination will be Halfway and specifically 68 Halfway Road, which is now a fishing supply shop. Here we had an office for many years before moving more centrally into main town centre of Sheerness and that is where our walk will next lead us.

Within Sheerness we have had 3 insurance broking offices the first we will arrive at from Halfway is the old Council Offices. We occupied the first floor of this building between 1987 and 2011 having moved from our next destination in Wood Street, Sheerness.

Unfortunately the reason we moved from the old Victorian building in Wood Street was because the property was due to be redeveloped to add more car parking space to the town. So although there is no building there today it is nice to see that the iconic converted windmill building where we now trade from overlooks this site and this is where our walk will finish.

We are proud of our history and hope we can use this to help us raise more for chosen charities for the remainder of 2015.

Our walk on 25/07/2015 over 11 miles between our former office locations finishing at our current office.

Our walk on 25/07/2015 over 11 miles between our former office locations finishing at our current office.

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