Empty Property Insurance

Do you require empty property insurance from a trusted property insurance company? In the latest statistics, there are over 610,000 empty homes in the UK, 200,000 of which are deemed to be long term unoccupied residential buildings, including shops, offices and commercial buildings. Whatever the reason for having an empty property, it’s important to ensure that it is still insured.

Insurers will always try to restrict insurance cover or not pay for claims should you have not taken an insurance policy out for your unoccupied property. It’s still your property, so insurance is needed to ensure that the property itself is protected should anything happen to it.

Do you know how long the period will be for your property to be empty? It’s ok for a long period, but it’s important that you not only visit but find trusted unoccupied property insurance to protect it. If you already had insurance for your property, it’s important to look for a new empty property insurance, mostly because your previous insurance will not cover your empty property.

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