Don’t be caught out by costly gadget insurance

Festival season has arrived and you might be thinking about taking out some extra cover for your mobile phone or tablet.
But you could be left out of pocket, paying for a policy you don’t need.
In fact, your home insurance would cover small electrical devices should they be stolen, lost or irreparably damaged while you’re away from the home.
It would also cover other valuables, including handbags and purses, under the possessions away from the home part of the policy.
Generally items worth more than £1,500 should need to be specifically listed in advance.
Sharrocks’ managing director, Alan Doucy, said: “Even a £5 a month policy for your mobile phone costs £60 over the year, but that’s still £60 at a time when a lot of people are feeling the pinch.
“Our buildings and contents policies start from as little as £130 a year, which could cover not just your property but items away from the home too, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and music devices.
“Many people don’t realise how good their home insurance policies can be.
“Another example is if your child is heading off to university in September – your home insurance policy could cover their belongings in their accommodation without the need for a new policy.”
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