Merry Christmas…. Mr Lawrence

Those of you who have had a 2016 Sharrocks Advent Calendar or seen our artwork must now realise that the theme of this year is David Bowie!

Were you able to spot all the intentional references (it turns out there are some unintentional ones too)?

Here they are

Black star on the Christmas Tree to the left of the windmill :- Black Star

Spaceman on balcony :- Hallo Spaceboy

Rocket ship :- Space Oddity

Boy dressed as star :- Star Man

Boy sleeping in moon outfit :- Moonage Daydream

Boys on swings :- Boys Keep Swinging

Person in suit at the far left :- Bowie as the Thin White Duke

Person in Lion outfit with J on :- Joe the Lion

Lion and Princess holding hands:- Beauty and the beast

Striped outfit with lightning makeup:- Ziggy Stardust

Girl in Asian clothing :- China Girl

People dressed as cats :- Cat People

Martian (Green Man) :- Life on Mars

Clown in blue outfit :- Ashes to Ashes

Clown and Martian holding hands :- Loving the alien

Jareth the Goblin King :- Labyrinth

Union Jack coat with back to the picture :- Earthling album cover

Snowman :- Bowie introduced the original showing of Raymond Briggs’ Snowman

All the people in the picture :- All the Young Dudes

On the back the years Sharrocks have been operating :- Golden Years

The small quote on the back at the bottom :- Space Oddity

Sharrocks 2016 Advent Calendar – Artwork by John Farrelly

Sharrocks 2016 Advent Calendar – Artwork by John Farrelly

We like to be a little bit different at Sharrocks and have a fresh interesting take on all things insurance related. Keep looking out for posts from me and my colleagues in 2017 and wishing everyone  a happy holiday period and successful year ahead.

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