Are You Living In The UK Burglary Hotspot?

A recent analysis by MoneySuperMarket on over two million home insurance quotes during the last two years has identified the areas which have the lowest and highest crime rates around the country.

MoneySuperMarket’s findings found that GU3 a postal district in Guildford had risen to the highest crime rated post code with 52.31% of claims per 1000 quotes. This was closely followed by Cambridge who reach a level of 51.43% of claims per 1000 quotes. Both postal districts in years previous had remained off the highest list or had been ranked lower down.

Here is the current top five postcode areas:- 

  • Guildford – 52.31 claims per 1,000 quotes
  • Cambridge
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham

This year Scotland had its first postal district enter the top 20 list with Edinburgh sitting 13th place with a crime rate of 42.11% per 1000 quotes.


Residents of Redbridge (IG4) in London who took the number one spot in 2016 will be pleased to see it has fallen out of this year’s top 20, alongside other London postcodes such as Clayhall (IG5) and south London’s SE21.

On the other hand the postcode with the lowest crime rate was Bideford in North Devon (EX39) which has the lowest rate of 0.78 claims per 1000 quotes. Others area which have kept their crime rate down include County Durham (SR7) and Tiverton (EX16).


At Sharrocks we suggest these Top Tips to keep your home safe

  • Keep all doors and windows locked when you leave the house
  • Tell no one except close family members if you are leaving the house unattended especially for long periods of times. Definitely do not post holiday snaps on social media it is an advert to would be thieves. 
  • Don’t keep expensive items on display or place packaging for expensive purchases outside your house in the general waste 
  • Activate your burglar alarm (if you have one) when leaving the house
  • Ask you neighbours to keep an eye on your house (especially if you have a neighbourhood watch)
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