Sharrocks’ finance options could help you stay insured during the Coronavirus pandemic

Sharrocks is advising clients to maintain their insurance cover as the country goes into lockdown to fight COVID-19. 

Despite the government’s unprecedented support for families and workers, many people are feeling the pinch and worrying how they are going to pay their bills. 

And with shops’ shelves empty at times and some people panic buying, your focus might rightly be on where your next meal will be coming from, rather than your insurance. 

But with people spending more time at home because of the Coronavirus lockdown, there’s likely to be an increase in accidental damage claims. This could prove costly if you’ve not maintained your insurance cover. 

Sharrocks home insurance policies start from £100.00 a year. 

Empty business premises will also still need to be covered. 

As well as making sure you’re matched with the best product to meet your specific needs, Sharrocks also offers 0% finance over 10 months for premiums below £500 subject to a credit check. 

For premiums above £500, low interest rates are available.

Contact Sharrocks on 01795 580800 or by email to, or visit for an instant quote. 


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