Sharrocks home workers’ policies take the stress out of insurance

Working from home can have its pros and cons. 

You might be able to set your own hours, work in your pyjamas if you really want to, and you don’t have to make a round of teas for the whole office. 

But it does mean you might find yourself dealing with things outside of your comfort zone, like insurance cover. 

Let Sharrocks take the stress out of insurance for you by matching your specific needs with a policy tailored to your line of work, whether it be in the field of crafting or working from home in an office capacity. 

Sharrocks’ managing director, Alan Doucy, said: “You might think that if your specialty is in craft work being sold via craft fairs or Facebook that you don’t need insurance, but that’s simply not true. 

“Our insurance policies will be matched to your exact requirements and will give you peace of mind that should something happen, you have the right cover in place – all from as little as £35, or £90 for enhanced cover.

“It might sound extreme but should someone cut themselves on one of your crafts and that meant they couldn’t carry out their job for a period of time, you and your business from home could be held responsible, that could be very costly indeed if you didn’t have insurance.” 

For just £90, Sharrocks can offer you our enhanced cover which features £10,000,000 Employers Liability for up to five employees; £5,000,000 Public/Products Liability; and £2,500 of cover for your stock. 

It also includes £1,000 All Risk Equipment Cover, which ensures your equipment is covered while it’s in storage, in transit and out of the home. 

Or for a £35 premium, Sharrocks can offer just £1,000,000 Public and Products Liability. 


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