Mobile phones – are you covered?

According to the Office of National Statistics 81% of us own mobile phones and between March 2015 and March 2016 almost 450,000 had their phone stolen. With the high-end IPhones worth in the region of £800, it makes sense to ensure your phone is protected from loss, theft, or damage.
If you already have or are considering taking out a home contents insurance policy, your phone may already be covered as part of this – something that few people are aware of.
I myself, took out phone insurance with my phone provider and only recently realised I was already covered within my contents insurance policy and was a lot cheaper than what I was alternatively paying with my phone provider and their individual policy.
It is worth mentioning there are some limitations to standard contents insurance that mean you might want to upgrade your policy to cover your mobile phone or other gadgets. Standard contents policies will cover your mobile phone, the same as any other item in the home. You will be covered for loss or theft of your device in the home (for example if it is stolen during a break-in) as well as if it is damaged in a fire, flood, following damage caused by burst pipes etc.
If you are accident prone, like myself, you may want to take out accidental damage cover to protect your phone from mistakenly taking a spin in the washing machine or worse yet slipping in the toilet. Your standard contents insurance won’t cover for this type of accident, it will only cover for damages such as a flood or fire unless you have selected the additional accidental damage cover, but this can often be added for only a very small additional premium.
Mobile phone
What happens if I am on holiday and my phone gets damaged?
If you want to add mobile phone insurance so it is covered anywhere, you need to add away from home/personal possessions insurance. This will ensure that no matter where you take your phone you will be protected from loss, theft and/or damage.
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