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Minimise the impact of flooding on your business

Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank caused devastation to many UK businesses last year, with many still attempting to recover their businesses even to this day, with the Association of British Insurers reporting that the overall cost of insurance claims reached

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Merry Christmas…. Mr Lawrence

Those of you who have had a 2016 Sharrocks Advent Calendar or seen our artwork must now realise that the theme of this year is David Bowie! Were you able to spot all the intentional references (it turns out there

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Further Increase to Insurance Premium Tax – 1st October 2016

Insurance Premium Tax, IPT, tax rise

Following the increase in Insurance Premium Tax in 2015 from 6% to 9.5% there will be a further increase to general insurance policies with effect from 1st October 2016. As of this date insurers will pass on the increase of

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With the cost of new phones on the increase. Are your portable gadgets insured?

Iphone 7, gadget insurance, home insurance, personal possesions, insurance

This week has seen the latest incarnation of the Apple IPhone released to much fanfare and excitement. However, at the same time Apple has also increased the cost of repairing older models by 50% and with many warranties for portable

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Holiday Home and Static Caravan Insurance

static caravan, static caravan insurance

As part of our exclusive property insurance facility we can now offer competitive insurance for your chalet or static caravan based anywhere in the UK. We can deliver comprehensive insurance during and after the holiday season throughout the year or

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Unoccupied Property Insurance – 3, 6, or 12 Months?

Unoccupied Property, Empty Property, Vacant premises

According to statistics there are over 610,000 empty homes in the UK, 200,000 of which are deemed to be long term unoccupied residential buildings together with many empty shops, offices and commercial buildings around the country. Aside from the need

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Home Insurance Premium Rise – AA Price Index

The recent release of the AA Price Index for Home Insurance shows that premiums have risen for the third consecutive quarter, but despite this still prove to be excellent value for money. Currently the average combined “shop around” insurance premium

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Photo Booth Hire Insurance

As specialists  in equipment hire insurance we have seen a surge in photo booth hire businesses up and down the country seeking appropriate insurance cover. Like our specialised policies that are already offered to equipment hire businesses, we provide cover

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Pokémon Go – Your insurance risk

Pokémon Go was released officially in the UK last week and if first week sales are a guide it looks set to become the most popular mobile app of all time. However, whilst people immerse themselves searching for Pokémon, there have been accidents reported

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Insurance Act 2015 – A major change to the way insurance is sold

On 12th August 2016 the manner with which insurance is sold in the UK will change in the most significant alteration for over one hundred years. Fair Presentation Up until the introduction of this act insurance has been sold on

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